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Client Testimonials

We at Cieos believe in our products and stand behind our services. But what really matters to us is how our clients feel. We are satisfied when clinicians tell us how their practices have benefited from Cieos.

It is always a pleasure doing business with you. I have been a dentist for 20 years and this has been the most professional and enjoyable working relationship I have ever experienced.

CIEOS was the only company to answer our computer needs with an understanding of our space limitations and aesthetic desires. Your team spent time answering my design and networking questions before a contract was ever signed. You were very generous and supportive with your time.

Our entire team loves our CIEOS system. It works well and is very beautiful. We look forward to enjoying more products developed and designed by such an innovative company as CIEOS.

Elisa LoBue-Campbell D.D.S.
Michael K. Campbell D.D.S.

Cieoport puts all my practice management software, intraoral camera, and interoffice communication systems into one compact, easy-to-use chairside control center.

Bob Rosenthal, DDS

"We've been using CIEOS products and services for our technology needs for many years now. My office operates much more efficiently, and looks the way an esthetics based office should look! I highly recommend you check out what they can do for you!"

Anthony Vocaturo, DDS, FIADFE, FAGD, FACE
Co-Founder GenerationNext Dental Seminars
NJ Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Bayonne, NJ

"It was imperative that my paperless office have the functionality, speed and storage capacity for today and for the future. Cieos provided the solution!"

Steven J. Rinaldi, DMD

"At the Cieos installation at my office a few weeks ago, it was determined the whole project would take longer than initially expected. The CIEOS technician changed his flight to stay an extra day, and was at the office until 3:30 in the morning making sure all the hardware, software and devices (like the intraoral cameras, Tekscan, Practiceworks, CAESY) worked in every room, on both the touch screens and the secondary monitors. There was never a question or second thought about them leaving or having to come back or anything like. I appreciate that! CIEOS is a FIRST CLASS organization!"

Rick Coker, DDS, FACE
GenerationNext Advisory Board
Tyler, TX

"Hats off...again.....to CIEOS!! We had a major tech situation yesterday. Cieos was right on the job. We called in the a.m., and before ten they had been on the main frame (server by way of our DSL), fixed the problem and saved the day! ..Guess most of you know how super Cieos....but I just have to give them the thanks they deserve!"

Jack W. Markusen DDS
Myrtle Beach, SC

In today's modern dental office, there needs to be a seamless blend between patient care and the technology that allows us to provide that care.
At CIEOS, the computer hardware, software programs, and technical support they provide are geared strictly for the field of dentistry. With CIEOS technology working for us, our office ran more efficiently, ran on time, our production and collection increased, and we saw an increase in patient acceptance of treatment plans.
So if you are planning on building a new facility, expanding, or upgrading your current office, CIEOS is absolutely the best in the business for dental computer technology. Get CIEOS on your team and get results that go straight to the bottom line.

Tom Landers, DDS
Robert Lerohl, DDS
Sandwich, IL

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