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OPTICA Intraoral Camera

The OPTICA is a space-saving, portable, easy-to-use intraoral camera. The high-quality on-screen video and still imagery bolsters treatment presentation, increasing case acceptance. OPTICA can be used to document clinical diagnosis, simplifying insurance treatment verification. In microdental procedures, OPTICA magnifies the treatment area, providing greater detail to the clinician. OPTICA can also be used to scan x-ray film, assisting in migration to a fully digital practice.


OPTICA was designed with visual precision in mind. It is the ONLY intraoral camera on the market utilizing an eight-LED "ring-around" illumination technology. This results in images with clearer definition, sharper detail, and better color representation. OPTICA provides higher-resolution images than its competitors. It is portable and compatible with most image-capture software. Its one-click functionality and ergonomic design make it easy to use.

It's time to get rid of those bulky, intimidating, outdated and low quality Intraoral cameras. Optica is the answer!

Practice Advantages

  • Small size gives OPTICA space-saving advantages
  • Higher resolution capacity provides greater image clarity and quality than competitors
  • One-hand operation makes OPTICA easy to use
  • Eight-LED ring-around flash formation allows for superior image quality
  • Two video outputs allow for dual-screen image display
  • Uses Sony lenses

OPTICA Technical Specs

Imager:Sony SuperHAD Color 1/4" CCD
Resolution (pixels):768 x 494 (NTSC), 752 x 582 (PAL)
Focus Range: 4 mm - infinity
Focus Type:Variable Focus Mechanism
Luminous Intensity:6.08 cd (from 8 LEDs)
Signal to Noise Ratio:51 dB
Video Output:S-Video, Composite, Optional USB
Wireless (optional):4-channel 2.4 GHz wireless
Power Requirements:12V DC
Weight (lb):Weight (lb):
Handpiece: 0.15
Docking Station: 0.75 (wired), 0.95 (wireless)
Dimensions (inch): Handpiece: 8.3 (L) x 0.85 (W) x 1.15 (H) Docking station: 5.4 (L) x 4.7 (W) x 1.9 (H)

Optica Body
(rear view)
Input and Output cables Optica Body
(front view)

"Hats off...again.....to CIEOS!! We had a major tech situation yesterday. Cieos was right on the job. We called in the a.m., and before ten they had been on the mainframe (server by way of our DSL), fixed the problem and saved the day! ..Guess most of you know how super Cieos is... but I just have to give them the thanks they deserve!"
Jack W. Markusen DDS
Myrtle Beach, SC

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