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Digital X-Ray System

visOra DR is an intuitive, easy-to-use, ergonomically designed application. It streamlines the image-capture process, enhances image quality for improved diagnostics, and enables simple image retrieval. It's large-button, touchscreen design allows for gloved use and quick operation. visOra DR interfaces with practice management systems and digital intra- and extraoral cameras for versatile functioning.

Why choose digital?

visOra DR leverages digital technology to outperform traditional film, expediting and simplifying x-ray image processing. Its high-resolution images and advanced imaging filters result in improved clinical diagnosis. Traditional film-based x-ray imaging is cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming.

Workflow analysis has shown that a typical office spends an average of $1,200 per month for film, chemicals, disposal, and labor costs associated with traditional film-based x-rays. The typical cost of a digital x-ray system is $850 dollars per month in a 36-month lease resulting in a $350 per month immediate savings and significant gains in workflow efficiency.

Digital X-Ray Technology Means:

  • Instant radiographic images
  • Decreased radiation exposure
  • No development costs or chemicals
  • Immediate, secure image storage and retrieval
  • Improved patient education and case acceptance
  • Facilitates expedient patient processing, resulting in greater practice profitability
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Enhanced images for improved diagnostics

visOra DR Technical Specs

Recommended PC Platform:Intel Pentium® / 400 MHz equivalent or higher
Software Operating System:Windows 95/98/Me/2K/XP
Sensor Interface:USB 1.1 or higher
Intraoral X-Ray Sensor Pixel Resolution:High resolution: 22 and 22.5 microns square
Low Resolution (size 0): 44 microns square
Intraoral X-Ray Sensor Sizes (active area):Size 0 - 26.8mm x 21.6mm
Size 1 - 32.7mm x 20.6mm and 30.1mm x20.1mm
Size 2 - 36.8mm x 26.6mm and 36.1mm x 27.5mm
Intensity Dynamic Range:12-bit (0 to 4095)

XDR Box Color-Coded Sensor Holders
XDR Box Color-Coded Sensor Holders

"CIEOS was the only company to answer our computer needs with understanding of our space limitations and aesthetic desires. Your team spent time answering my design and networking questions before a contract was ever signed. Our entire team loves our CIEOS system."
Elisa LoBue-Campbell, DDS
Michael K. Campbell, DDS

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