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Cieoport - The Ultimate Clinical Touchscreen Computer

Much more than a computer, Cieoport is a versatile clinical computing platform that integrates ALL of your digital dental technologies. Compatible with the full line of Cieos products, as well as major software/hardware products from other manufacturers, Cieoport is the hub of your clinical computing platform. Combined with Practice Management software, it serves as a practice management center, handling patient files, scheduling, insurance, accounting, e-mail, and Internet access. Cieoport serves as a convenient chairside display for intraoral cameras and digital radiography systems. It also offers a DVD player for patient education and entertainment.

IMAGINE... having a dual-screen set up in your operatory, with your patient viewing an educational DVD about aesthetic dentistry, and your assistant being able to input or view private data behind the patient at the same time!


Unique features of the Cieoport Clinical Touchscreen system include the completely sealed touchscreen, ergonomic design, and compact size. These features simplify asepsis maintenance, improve functionality, and enhance office design. Our goal is to improve your practice efficiency and contribute to enhanced patient care.

Practice Advantages

  • Dental-specific front ports are easily accessible
  • Completely sealed touchscreen simplifies asepsis maintenance
  • Touchscreen eliminates mouse and keyboard
  • Aesthetic appearance is high-tech and sophisticated
  • Dual-screen capability allows the patient another screen view and protects patient privacy
  • Chairside access to practice information systems increases time with patient

CIEOPORT Technical Specs

Processor:Intel ® Pentium ® 4 2.8 GHz
Hard Drive:40 GB UDMA
Memory:512 MB DDR-333 RAM
Ports:(1)Parallel, (2)Serial, (2 front & 2 rear)USB 2.0, (1) PCMCIA [optional], (1)S-video Input, 3 RCA Inputs
Network Card:On-Board 10/100 BaseT
Multimedia:On-Board SVGA Video with 128 MB of RAM, Second Video Card with 64 MB of RAM, Video Capture, and On-Board Sound Card
Accessory Drives:DVD
Display:15.1" Digital LCD with 800 x 600 resolution scalable to 1024 x 768,
Dual Monitor Capable
User Input:Resistive Touchscreen, Radio Frequency Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Case:ABS Plastic
Power Supply:Micro ATX
Complies with:UL 2601/CSA/TUV/CE/FCC/DICOM

Cieoport CPU
(front view)
Cieoport CPU
(rear view)

"In today's modern dental office, there needs to be a seamless blend between patient care and the technology that allows us to provide that care.

At CIEOS, the computer hardware, software programs, and technical support they provide are geared strictly for the field of dentistry. With CIEOS technology working for us, our office ran more efficiently, ran on time, our production and collection increased, and we saw an increase in patient acceptance of treatment plans.

So if you are planning on building a new facility, expanding, or upgrading your current office, CIEOS is absolutely the best in the business for dental computer technology. Get CIEOS on your team and get results that go straight to the bottom line."
Tom Landers, DDS
Robert Lerohl, DDS
Sandwich, IL

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